Optimizing the Optimus Maximus™ keyboard
I love my Optimus Maximus keyboard. In fact I love it so much I want to work with it all day.
For a more convenient touch of every key I modified each key so typing all day is no problem at all for me. YMMV. These are NOT instructions for you. Do NOT wreck your keyboard and blame it on me ! Again: You no nerd - you no touch !
My personal problem with optimus`s keys is that the clear plastic caps hit the metal frame of the oled display when I press a key. This gives me the feeling of hitting cheap plastic on a hard ground. Sounds bad, feels awkward. YMMV.
My solution is: Damping the collision of the moving parts of the keys and the keyboard body with  tiny pieces of gaffer tape ! And it works. I`ll describe my success and my first failure here.
What I did:
1.) I cut ~4x4mm pieces of gaffer tape. Lots of them. I put some tape on a CD and cut it with a sharp cutter knife. The CD gave me a very good underground for cutting and it does not harm the knife. By using the unlabeled side of the CD, it was possible to remove the small pieces of tape cleanly later on.
2.) I removed all keys using the famous key remover tool. When inserting the keys again later on, I did not have to take too much care which key goes where. Isn`t THAT great ;-) ?
No really - I only had to take care where I put the two keys near the center of the keyboard that contain the marks for my index fingers...
3.) Now I had to mass produce stacks of 3 layers of tape and stick them on the bottom side of each key. This is what the keys look like from below with no tape on them.
This is where I made my mistake in the first shot. I did not break anything, but the results were not what I was looking for. When I stuck my piles of tape in the center of the key, ssooommee kkeeys beccaame vverryy sennssittivve andd uunnusaabllee.
Of course. The tape triggered the (cherry!)key mechanics too early on the way down.
The solution was to produce even more stacks of 3 layers of tape and stick two of them on each key`s bottom, so that the tape does not contact the moving part of the cherry key mechanics.
WRONG:                                                            RIGHT:
I kept the slightly raised area clear of tape. That did the trick against toooo muuchh ssenssiitiviittyy.
4.) After putting all keys back in I powered up the keyboard and voilà: Nice sounds when typing and a nice touch to every key.
What is happening now is: I press a key, the taped bottom of the movable part of the key sinks down until the tape touches the HOUSING of the cherry key mechanics. This stops the key from going down further. It`s enough space to keep the clear plastic key cap from touching the oled`s metal frame. Done. Perfect.
My modification is non-destructive and reversible at any time. Gaffer tape is a good thing to have.
I love my precioussssss !
Thanks, art.lebedev !
Rainer in April 2008